03/10/2014 02:17 pm ET Updated May 10, 2014

The Tragic Wooing of Phil Jackson

I love the game of basketball and my loyalty has always been to the NY Knicks, but after bleeding orange and blue for nearly half a century I've finally had enough. Many fans and journalists are under the delusion that Phil Jackson is a mystical savior who can resurrect this once great franchise, but I believe it has been irreparably damaged by James Dolan.

Dolan is widely considered the worst owner in the NBA, and in 2007, NBA Commissioner David Stern said of the Knicks: "They're not a model of intelligent management." Dolan's complete control of the team has created a culture of incompetence that will not be changed unless he sells the team or relinquishes power, which seems highly unlikely.

Phil Jackson is also a control freak. I don't think Dolan is capable of altering his management style but will instead (based on past circumstances) offer an enormous amount of money for Jackson's services. Dolan has always been able to attract players and coaches (good and bad) by overpaying them. The total amount of money laid out has been enormous and the results have been consistent -- failure.

Dolan has currently assembled -- rather than built -- a team that has talent but is completely devoid of heart. It is wishful thinking to believe that Phil Jackson will wave a magic wand and change the Knicks DNA.