04/06/2015 01:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why the GOP Is Hillary Clinton's Ally



The Republican Party has been wasting time trolling for non-existent dirt on presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton rather than championing its own candidates. I have heard little about Republican candidates and their ideas and policies, just never-ending rants against Mrs. Clinton, which ultimately is good news for her.

America's political climate is highly polarized and we need a candidate to unite the country rather than continue the divisiveness and rancor that has become our political status quo. Voters are tired of the endless sniping between Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton is an experienced politician who understands this, so if she announces her candidacy and conveys a positive message it will further distance her from the negativism of the GOP.

I want to see a presidential election where both parties promote bipartisanship and deal with essential issues, most specifically the economy. During the last presidential election I wrote a piece for this site about Paul Ryan, and while I disagreed with many of his ideas, I did applaud him for discussing his economic agenda. However, the Republican powers that be continue to battle within their own party and remain mired in polarizing social issues. The GOP can't get past the fact that they don't like Hillary Clinton so they campaign against her personally rather than deal with relevant political issues and this makes them more of her ally than opponent. Voters are desperate for leadership and associate that with a Clinton presidency. If the GOP can't understand this then they will lose again.