03/31/2016 04:07 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2017

How to Embrace Your Richness By Entering Into the Right Spirit of Things

"Entering into the right spirit of things" is an underrated, oft-used expression, and yet it can make an incredible difference in the quality of your life. To enter into the right spirit is to affirm your opulence and express it in every moment. That is the spirit that brings out the richest parts of you.

You are boundless bliss, absolute love, immeasurable beauty, and remarkably intelligent. However, if you do not enter into each circumstance in that spirit, be it at home, at work or at play, you become dull, your heart and brain go stagnant. Consequently, you sacrifice the feeling of aliveness that comes with expressing your infinite richness.

There is a way to make a habit of entering into the right spirit of things so that you may give freely of all that is good and beautiful about you. It begins with understanding that "nothing happens to you unless it happens through you." Your mental impressions become your external expressions, which the world then reflects back to you. The world is a mirror; it has no choice but to reflect what you project outwardly. Hence, there is no division or quarrel between your thoughts and your reality.

Your outer world of experiences is solely incumbent upon your inner world of thoughts, moods and feelings. When you orchestrate your inner world lovingly, your outer world unfolds like a beautiful symphony. However, if you don't make the effort to orchestrate your inner world, your outer world reflects your neglect. You cannot afford to dwell on thoughts of sickness, limitation, misfortune or lack, for it guarantees a life of anxiety attacks.

Hence, the great secret of learning to orchestrate your outer world so it is bountifully beautiful is to impress ideals upon your mind that you want to make real in your life. It is unquestionably true that your model of reality is an accurate demonstration of what you insist is true and untrue about the world and about you. What you refuse to accept as inevitable never happens to you, and what you accept as imminent is always forthcoming. You cannot countermand this generic Law of Spirit.

When you say, "My WILL is operating my life," it's simply a matter of sowing and reaping. Your mental impressions give you your physical expressions, and your physical expressions give you your worldly experiences. Your impressions, expressions and experiences dance together in perfect harmony, demonstrating the principle that lies at the center of universal order.

Incredible power comes with believing in yourself as the supreme creative being in your world. When the smoke clears, the fact remains - you design your earthly destiny. You are the maestro. You are the primal cause of the effects that you get. Your life becomes truer to your dreams when you enter each day in that spirit, which is the right spirit of things.

Here are four virtues that, if you value them highly, will remove all fences that separate you from living a wondrously beautiful life. At first blush, these virtues may seem quaint or old-fashioned, but if you are true to them, you'll find your life surpassing your highest aspirations.

1. Value self-growth

It's natural to desire to personally grow and become more than you were the day before. That's what inspires you to set higher aspirations higher and dig deeper into your unrealized potential. If you aim too low, your affirmations for succeeding have little meaning.

A cornerstone of self-growth is to stretch your goals and set aggressive milestones. This requires giving yourself permission to fail. It's the nature of the growth to fail forward. The only way to refine your action and succeed with your next re-take is to learn from your last miss-take. Make it a habit to learn from your miss-takes, and soon another re-take won't be necessary because you'll have mastered the lesson.

The mind cast in a mold to believe - there's always more to learn - is set for soaring. When you pledge your allegiance to learn more so you can continue to soar, there are no limits to your growth. That's because there are no limits to your potential. Now you are entering into the right spirit of things.

2. Value excellence

"Excellence" is more than a buzzword; it's a constant reminder that improvement is always an option. Seeking to excel is a vital step toward achieving outstanding results. Excellence requires focused attention and directed effort. It's never an accident. And nothing short of this consciousness avoids carelessness.

It's said that excellence is now an endangered species, and so, those who seek to achieve it stand out like a bright beacon on a foggy day. Don't buy into that foolishness; don't consider excellence a rarity when it comes to your aims and aspirations. It's a natural urge for you to seek to do your very best with whatever you set your mind to. Being loyal to that urge empowers you to proceed with precise execution toward fulfilling the outcome you envision. It's an awful mistake to deny that urge by supposing that you must restrict and stint yourself in order to get things done.

You seek excellence whenever you commit to improving your skill-sets and knowledge base so that you may set the bar higher at every opportunity. Now you are entering into the right spirit of things.

3. Value self-mastery

There is no way to master your outer world unless you relish refining your inner world. That is the Art of Self-Mastery. Refinement of your inner world requires paying attention to what you think about continually, and being aware of how your thoughts and self-talk affects your moods.

When you pay attention to your inner world, with the intention of clarifying your self-talk and purifying your mood, you naturally find yourself behaving better in your outer world. It's in those moments that you find yourself in possession of a great power - you are able to lead your talents and strengths down right channels by intelligently determining the direction those channels go.

Your unfolding life is always a matter of cause and effect; your inner world being cause, and your outer world the effect. When you intelligently channel your talents and strengths, you delight in the effects that you get.

The more you relate to your outer world with a commitment to mastering your inner world, the more you master your fate, and the less your life aches. Imagine rising above daily turmoil, dramas and foolish urgencies in the name of higher priorities, such as expressing and experiencing all that is good and beautiful about you.

Drop all excuses that have you procrastinating and hesitating. Stop being a miser with yourself. Take action immediately to affirm and demonstrate those many talents and strengths that you've neglected. In the absence of excuses, your intention, your passion and your action will work marvelously together to bring out the absolute best in you.

A great strategy that supports self-mastery is to place landmarks along the journey and celebrate each victory as you progress. Growth experiences are most exhilarating and rewarding when you celebrate them. Let there be no compromise when it comes to celebration. Now you are entering into the right spirit of things.

4. Value wisdom

A good head and a good heart are an amazing start, and they come when you place self-growth, excellence an self-mastery at the top of your values chart. Now add wisdom to the mix, and you quickly realize that you are "the maestro" when it comes to orchestrating your unfolding.

Wisdom is experiential knowing; the deepest sense of knowing that exists. It is far superior to intellectual understanding. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing - that's intellectual understanding. Experiential knowing is a wondrous thing - it's a consciousness of harmony and wholeness. When you act from experience your choices are wise and right.

Experiential knowing comes with jumping into life. The more involved you get, the more you evolve to higher planes of living. Furthermore, the more you evolve, the more your beauty blossoms.

Receptivity and heartfelt gratitude are qualities that accompany wisdom. If you are to truly understand the nature of your life, you must be willing to put all of yourself out there in the world, and that requires being receptive to expressing the highest virtues that you possess, and feeling thankful that you possess them. You are never better qualified to do that than when you bask in the beauty of experiential knowing. In this state of being there is no strain. Now you are entering into the right spirit of things.

Stop waiting for circumstances to be right. Stop waiting for the timing to be right. Here and now is right. Become your own circumstance-maker. Take these vital values to heart and apply them to your life. With that decision all things are possible because you are rejoicing in all that is good and beautiful about you - that's the spirit!

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