07/15/2010 01:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Barack, Michelle, Joe, Jill & All Senior White House Staff: Vacation in the Gulf This Summer!

"Everybody should come here," exclaimed First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this week as she walked the beaches in Florida on the Gulf Coast. "There are still thousands of miles of beaches not touched by the spill," the First Lady proclaimed during her walk to promote tourism in the states along the Gulf of Mexico affected by the disastrous oil spill.

The question that immediately came to my mind is, why then are the President and his family going in the opposite direction to Maine for several days on a vacation. With tourism taking a huge hit because of the terrible oil spill and the incompetence of BP and the federal government to stop the leak, wouldn't it be wonderful if the President and his family checked into a nice motel in Alabama along the coast for a few nights and had some seafood at a small businessperson's restaurant?

Then they could move onto a luxury hotel if they felt like it in Florida along the Panhandle and finish up in Mississippi and Lousiana and end up in New Orleans for some delicious seafood and great jazz.

And the Vice-President and his wife should do the same as should all the senior White House officials and all of the Cabinet Secretaries. What has happened to the president's political magic -- it seems to have completely disappeared by his actions or should I say in-actions on solving the BP oil spill.

The president should show the American public that the beaches are clean and the seafood is safe to eat. What better way than spending a week or two with his family in all of the affected states along the Gulf of Mexico.

As this oil spill tragedy drips on day by day Obama looks helpless sitting in the Oval Office -- and dare I say it -- there are shades of the helplessness of Jimmy Carter sitting in the Oval Office during the Iranian hostage crisis. Just as Nightline profiled the Carter administration's ongoing incompetence every night on ABC, we now have Anderson Cooper every night on CNN profiling the Obama administration's lack of passion and competence on solving this terrible national environmental and financial crisis.

It is really becoming beyond our imagination how bad this oil spill has become and how ineffective the Obama administration has been in solving the crisis. Even if he didn't solve it -- and he certainly has not -- he could show some genuine concern for all the people affected in the Gulf states. It should not be business as usual with this spill still happening and with the clean up still going on for many more months to come.

Seeing the president on the golf course and at fundraisers and on vacation certainly is adding to his dropping poll numbers.I personally don't care if he plays golf every day and goes to fundraisers, but he appears completely lost about how to handle this oil spill. It really bothers me to see this ridiculous BP ad hour by hour on TV -- they should be spending money on cleaning up the spill and not on national television advertising.

It is easy to be angry with the incompetence and arrogance of BP, but it is also easy to be angrier at Obama and his administration for not going all out and treating this as the equivalent of a terrorist attack on our shores. The president should have appointed a respected and well-known figure to be in charge of the clean up effort and talk to the media rather than the ever present Coast Guard Admiral who appears on TV as much as the ridiculous and insulting BP ads.

Go to Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana on your summer vacation Mr. President and convince your Vice-President, senior staff and Cabinet Secretaries to also vacation in the Gulf States.

It would absolutely be the right thing to do and your poll numbers would also begin to climb!