03/15/2013 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brave New Documentary

I just came across a brand-new documentary that looks tremendous. It's so "brand-new," in fact, that I can't even tell you how to go see it yet, but I'll embed a long interview and a great deal of footage from the film.

I have the sense that you're going to be hearing a great deal more about it. So, here's an early heads-up.

The movie is directed by Cecilia Peck, who made the wonderful documentary Shut Up & Sing about the Dixie Chicks. (That one you can find here.) The new documentary is called Brave Miss World, about an Israeli woman, Linor Arbargil, who was abducted and brutally raped two months before she won the Miss World contest, and how's she's gone on to become an outspoken survivor advocate on the subject. It's not the kind of documentary I normally seek out, but the film goes into some unexpected directions, the footage is compelling, and I couldn't stop watching the segment.

"The segment" is actually a 22-minute TV interview that Ms. Peck (who also produced) did with fellow producer/editor, Inbal Lessner, that has extensive clips from the movie. I've embedded it below. It appeared within part of a longer television show, but should start right where their interview begins. If not, just jump forward to the 36:12 mark.

For as difficult as the subject matter is, the film (from the lengthy segment and impressive clips) comes across as quite ennobling and even inspiring. Among other things, Ms. Arbargil is currently practicing law in Israel.

And for what it's worth, I love the title of the documentary. Even if the host gets it wrong and reverts to the Aldous Huxley name...

It's Brave Miss Word.

The documentary really is brand new. It only had a sneak premiere within the past couple weeks. It plans to start hitting the festival circuit soon. (Upcoming, they have screenings at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 7 & 8, and at the Cleveland International Film Festival on April 11 & 14.) But for more on it, and perhaps screening schedules when they occur, here's a link to the film's website, along with a trailer.


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