05/14/2013 10:43 am ET Updated Jul 14, 2013

Rand Paul Is Really Sick

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"I don't know about you, but watching anti-American globalists plot against our Constitution makes me sick."
-- Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on the U.S signing the United Nations' "Small Arms Treaty"

For once, I agree with Rand Paul. He's right, he doesn't know about me.

Just so you understand, the Small Arms Treaty is described in the very first paragraph at the top of the website for the U.N. Office of Disarmament Affairs this way (it's really hard to miss):

Insurgents, armed gang members, pirates, terrorists -- they can all multiply their force through the use of unlawfully acquired firepower. The illicit circulation of small arms, light weapons and their ammunition destabilizes communities, and impacts security and development in all regions of the world.

That's what it's about. Illegally obtained weapons used for revolution, insurgencies and by drug cartels. And in Rand Paul's twisted little mind, this is enough to make conspiratorial charges against the president. By the way, in his email to constituents (better described as, "in his fundraising email to potential donors), Sen. Paul wrote on behalf of the National Association of Gun Rights. He described the president's efforts as not just voting for the UN measure, but -- "On November 7th, his administration gleefully voted at the UN for a renewed effort to pass the 'Small Arms Treaty.'"

Gleefully voting for it! Now, mind you, how he knew the vote was gleeful, I have no idea. I'm not even quite sure how the U.S. made a gleeful vote, since I assume it was done electronically. Maybe they pushed the button is a funny manner.

It's also worth noting that this gleeful vote was made all the way back on November 7 of last year! That's over half a year ago. One would think that he was really outraged, he'd have mentioned it... oh, six months ago. Not wait until trying to make some unrelated, scare-tactic political point about gun control, when the background check measure is making its way through Congress. But, hey, what better time to try to terrify your potential donors and get money from them.

If one is against gun control and universal background checks, swell, make your case for it. Fair, honest, open debate is a good thing.

And if one is against the U.N. resolution on illegal arms used by insurgents and drug lord, I am sure there are rational and sane arguments to make, even if others don't agree. Fair, honest, open debate really is a good thing.

But when you instead use a phrase against the President of the United States like, "watching anti-American globalists plot against our Constitution makes me sick," then you show that you're pretty empty-handed and reprehensible. But then, of course, when one is looking for rational and sane arguments without being empty-handed and reprehensible, you generally don't look towards Rand Paul.

That said, since Dr. Paul did state that he doesn't know me, I'll kindly help him along. Thoughtless demagogues who use scare tactics and racial fear to divide the country is what makes me sick.

I'm biased, but I think I'm on firmer ground with what one sick than is Rand Paul.


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