01/02/2008 02:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Blog About Mike Huckabee You Won't See

After searching my conscience, and eventually finding it, I have made the decision not to post a commentary about Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee because it was too negative. I can sleep well with the decision.

The standard I demand for my HuffPosts is to be positive. In my efforts of staying positive, the ruthless criticism expressed towards Mr. Huckabee was not positive. This column is about being positive, it is my intent to stay positive.

(To clarify, when I say "positive," I don't mean "positive" in terms of not saying anything critical, but rather being positive, "certain" about what I say.)

While I know that some of those I consult felt the comments about Mike Huckabee were accurate, completely valid and proper, in the end I have decided to dismiss that opinion, much as I respect it. And I couldn't respect those I consult any more than if it was only me, which it is.

But what was said about Mike Huckabee was simply too negative, and there's no place for that here. I can sleep well with the decision.

For those who disagree with my not posting negative comments about Mike Huckabee, no matter how truthful, fair and brutally honest they are, it's necessary to understand what I am referring to.

This, then, is what I mean. Here is the commentary I will not be posting because it's much too negative, no matter how correct. Judge for yourself if I am right, not to post it.

Mike Huckabee has shown himself to be unqualified for president. By making religion the center of his campaign, he has venally descended into demagoguery. To tell Americans of every faith that "All that matters is the celebration of the life of Jesus Christ," is spitting into America's face, a despicable abrogation of responsibility. To tell his supporters, as reported by Marc Cooper, that "We will go to the caucuses having knelt on our knees and having asked God for his wisdom," Mike Huckabee is not campaigning for the White House, but mounting a religious Crusade for the rapture. He has confused running for president with trying to become pastor of the Church of the Holier Than Thou. To be President of the United States, you must protect and defend all its citizens, not just those who belong to your sect. His words are an affront to Buddhists, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Shintos, Sikhs, atheists and more, indeed Christians, too, who understand the U.S. Constitution and freedom of all religion. What Mike Huckabee is pushing may be un-Christian in its selfishness, but it most certainly is un-American. Mr. Huckabee may end up getting 30% of the vote by pandering to the Republican base, but as President George Bush learned, when you pander to that base, the base is all you end up with. Mike Huckabee should be ashamed and withdraw from the race. And by "race" I just mean political, not human. Some of us still believe in kindness to others, no matter how much their views may differ."

You see? Wasn't that too negative? Yipes! I'm Robert Elisberg, and I don't approve that message. Personally, I thought it was horribly negative, which is why I am not posting it. I am all about being positive, and negative commentary like that has no place here, no matter how perfectly correct it is. Let me repeat clearly - I will not post it here. It is much too negative. I can sleep well with the decision.

Instead, I will be posting the following. It is positive, and in keeping with the theme of everything I write here.

Bless you. Or not. Your choice.

Mike Huckabee will be the first guest this evening on "The Tonight Show," its first night back during the Writers Strike. No doubt when Jay Leno was put in the position by NBC/General Electric of having to return, Mike Huckabee was first on his Dream List of guests. While David Letterman is forced to invite "entertaining" guests after signing a contract with the WGA, "The Tonight Show" gets to bring in Mike Huckabee. While the lack of writers might not allow the insightful questions we'd love to hear Mr. Huckabee knock out of the park, that's okay. All that matters is the celebration of the life of Jesus Christ.

We wish Mike Huckabee much success crossing the picket line. While this may cause him to lose some of the labor vote, I am sure he'll do a great job on the show. Hopefully someone will tell me afterwards, because I'll be watching Dave. I can sleep well with the decision.