10/29/2012 07:34 am ET Updated Dec 29, 2012

Sandy Swoops In To Fire Island Pines

Today, as the East Coast braces for a "once in a century storm," a mandatory evacuation of our beautiful sand dune has been announced. Power will be turned off, so only those fortunate enough to have electrical generators -- or perhaps a more adventurous spirit than we possess -- will choose to stay and brave the storm.

The beach always serves as a reflection of life itself. The ebbing and waning of the tides resonates with our our bio-rhythms and it is no coincidence that the percentage of salt in the sea is the exact same as the salt in the blood, especially when life began on earth. The mystic nature of life and the beach are intertwined by these facts of the Universe when one is in close proximity to a beautiful beach.

Fire Island Pines is reality, fantasy and forces of nature combined.

During a typical year, anyone in the know, especially the seasoned, long-time inhabitants of this tiny little town, would tell you that the Pines is at its best in the Fall. The natural beauty of this place is illuminated by the oblique rays of the autumnal sun and crisp cool cyan firmament.

From the moment one gets on the ferry, laughter, conversations and the anticipation of many is somehow different than during high season and somehow even more contagious. And the fact that the human population has decreased ten-or even twenty-fold brings home the fact that other wonders of the world are just as important as we human folk.

Now Sandy has forced the Pantry and the Pines Liquor Store to close prematurely, ending our days of eating cheese and crackers in front of the Yotel wood-burning stove with our ancient French Bulldog Negrito.

The fact that we live in rhythm with this place, only makes losing that beat a bit a tad more frightening. We will see what the Pines looks like when we return.