09/17/2010 02:21 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

BP Relief Well Bottom Kill - Finally

Oh, I know, I know...the mainstream media moved on from this story in early August just after NOAA's Oil Budget report was issued, accompanied by all the happy talk press briefings that got the headlines that the White House wanted after asserting that all the oil in the Gulf was magically gone, even after BP's Macondo well spewed 5 million barrels into the environment for 87 days.  As we've talked about before, BP, and the government, backed itself into a corner in July pledging that no more oil would go in the Gulf after the risky, and premature, shut in of the well after installation of the capping stack.  Since that time, the BP/US government partnership has undertaken a series of even more risky operations to keep that pledge.
Well, finally, they've done what they could have done in mid-July: intercepted the blowout well with a relief well, just above the Miocene interval that caused them all of the hell in the first place.  As expected, they lost circulation when they intercepted, but Admiral Allen oddly announced that there was no communication between the blowout zone and the annulus of the Macondo well, even as he reported an "increase in the pressure of the Macondo well blowout preventer."  What?
Thad:  If there is an increase in pressure of the kill line of the Macondo well blowout preventer after the relief well intercepted, THERE IS COMMUNICATION WITH THE RESERVOIR. After over 4 months of Well Control 101, I would think you would get that by now.  
Obviously, politics has over-run facts.

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