12/10/2012 07:29 pm ET Updated Feb 09, 2013

Sexy, Funny and Foodie Gift Giving

Gift-giving is fun, gift-shopping sucks. But, at least it has become far easier since the advent of the Internet that allows you to shop from bed with only your fingertips and a credit card. I confess that the following curation reflects my interests in things foodie, sexy and funny.

Books for adult friends with a sense of humor:

1. Can you think of even one single man who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a book entitled
How to Live With a Huge Penis? I can't.

2. Who says coloring is for kids only? Here is Coloring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book.

3. For those particularly obsessed by breasts, fear not. There's Color My Boobs!: A Titillating Coloring Book for Adults.

4. A young, free-range chicken... a dominating, ravenous chef... 50 recipes to make every dinner a turn-on... Yes, it's here, so go ahead and dominate dinner with 50 Shades of Chicken.

For New York-lovers:

5. All types of items -- onesies, messenger bags, doggie hoodies -- that say NY hearts ME. Get 'em here.

6. All about New York [*Caveat: Most of these have to purchased in person].

7. Yo Brooklyn: A hip neighborhood type map for your hipster peeps.

For foodies:

8. Cool looking stainless steel spice rack, $89.

9. I LOVE this kitchen knife set with unique holder. See why it's also known as "The EX" ($130).

For those with a passion for coffee and bacon:

10. What would you do with coffee syrup? Pour it over ice cream and into drinks...

11. High end bacon and stuff.

12. Funky glassware.

13. Even More Gifts for Food Lovers, according to the Village Voice, from books and accessories to lobster and booze.

For parents of toddlers:

14. The "onesie" that says 9 Months Ago My Mommy Read 50 Shades of Grey. Etsy.

For the 1 percent:

15. Got $28,000 to spare? Might be time for that new spiral wine cellar...

Shop away!