07/02/2012 08:03 am ET Updated Sep 01, 2012

Sweden's Stunning Summer (PHOTOS)

Sweden has a reputation for producing incessantly catchy pop music, modular furniture and the worst symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, but this country defies the stereotypes. The chefs here mostly speak English and, come summer, the country is bathed in light.

Sweden may not be balmy -- summer probably belongs in scare quotes this far north -- but it is relentlessly sunny and scenic. Not only do the stylish folks in Stockholm take to the street in extravagantly summery clothes, apparently making up for the rest of the year, but nature itself seems to relax slightly and pull off its sweater.

This is a country of forests and lakes and, outside of the capital, there is always something to do in nature and always Swedes doing it. During the recent Midsummer festival, it seemed appropriate that the women donned braided flowers because respect for nature is a large part of the national character. Swedish people love Sweden as a physical space not just as country.

In that spirit, switch your iPod to Robyn and get ready to travel to Sweden!

Sweden Stuns in Summer