09/09/2011 11:06 am ET Updated Nov 09, 2011

68-Year-Old Grandmother Shoots Home Invaders

In Nashville, where you'll find smoked ribs, country music and 68-year-old grandmothers who sleep with shotguns, a take-no-prisoners Nana picked off two home invaders breaking in as she slept. She was quoted saying, "Never in my whole life have I ever harmed anything or anybody, but I've never been put in that position."

Well now she has, and two men are full of lead as a result.

Her husband is wheelchair-bound, so when she heard the intruders kicking the door, she grabbed her gun. Apparently she has had a shotgun next to her bed her whole life and has had people laugh about it. Today, nobody is laughing.

She also has a home security alarm system, which is definitely a layer of protection. I wonder if she had any signage outside alerting the home invaders. So as soon as the door came crashing in, the alarm went off, and so did the shotgun.

One guy was shot in the face, another in the chest and lost part of his finger.

She has no regrets, she said. She did say that she is glad that she didn't kill them, as she would have felt bad about it forever.

I'm not saying you should or shouldn't have a shotgun next to your bed. Either way, as long as you survive, you've done the right thing.

Additional measures of protection might be a big dog bowl outside, men's army boots near the door, signage saying "Home Alarm," and, in this case, signage saying "Forget the Dog, Beware of Owner!"

Here is a video of Robert Siciliano, personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source, discussing home invasions on "Maury."