10/13/2011 04:53 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Investor Support for the Occupy Movement

In this time of declining living standards and high unemployment, many people feel bitterness and disappointment. And justifiably so, as overwhelming evidence demonstrates the rich have gotten richer at the expense of the middle class, the working poor, and the unemployed. The rising differential between executive and worker incomes and the disregard exhibited by many corporations for their local communities and the environment are symptoms of a financial system which rewards short-term destructive gambling instead of focusing on the long-term sustainability of our economy. As socially responsible investors, we seek the same goals as those protesting. Therefore we stand alongside the Occupy movement, supporting freedom, transparency, human dignity, and responsibility. We hope that the voices of the 99% will bring much needed changes in government policy to help address excessive corporate greed, greatly weakened environmental and financial regulations, the housing crisis, crumbling infrastructure, shrinking schools and libraries, and a disappearing social safety net. There is no reason for so many to be unemployed when there is so much to be done.