05/27/2012 06:24 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2012

Pregnant Women Deserve Courteous Behavior

Pregnant with a first child is a life-altering moment, especially when you hit five months and your belly becomes visible to the world. However, there are some rude people who have forgotten the basic rule of common courtesy for pregnant women... watch the baby bump!

Memorial Day weekend -- Mystic, Conn. Wonderful weather, excellent pizza at the infamous Mystic Pizza and a series of kind people who offered a table, a seat, a bathroom. Until... the moment that shattered the idyllic weekend.

Walking along the sidewalk, and out of nowhere an errant frisbee comes from an alleyway - -hits a lightpole and miraculous careens right into my baby bump! We are talking full speed ahead, knock your breath out, and a moment of shock on my part, followed by a reflexive double-over clutching my belly.

The shocking thing happened next... the man who did not catch the object said the words, "It's no big deal... it's just a Frisbee..." And proceeded to pick it up and walk away. I said, "Your Frisbee hit me and I am pregnant..." His reply, "It was an accident..."

Shocking to say the least. Rudeness at its best. And boorishness at a basic level. Not once did I see a gesture of concern about my physical well-being or hear the words "I'm sorry" or "Are you okay?" Under my breath, an involuntary word erupted but we kept on walking. Then, the final coup de grace occurred when his wife said as we walked by..."You're okay -- still breathing." I stopped in my tracks, pulled sunglasses up and looked her right in the eye. Then, without a word, turned and walked away...

What should have happened in that moment reflects a new reality of adults who forget that they should model behavior for their children, a lack of concern for humanity (maybe too much social media and too little personal contact), and a basic lack of concern for a potential injury to a pregnant woman carrying an unborn life.

Perhaps we all need to take a step back and remind ourselves that we all arrived on this earth through a mother -- and the basic humanity deserved by any visibly pregnant woman needs greater attention. It is really easy to offer a seat on the subway, provide access to a bathroom, or remember a basic: watch out for the baby bump!