09/01/2010 12:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Taking the Good With the Bad

What to do with Mr. C (The C standing for Complicated)? I'm only fairly certain that I should just take my own advice and give it a chance -- try not to think too much about it. Nothing is ever totally clear anyway and I have invested all this time and energy for almost a year ... and then there's this blog ... which has developed into a weird sort of communication between the two of us. So this blog you're reading right now has become another part of the ongoing game. Regardless of the fact that I still haven't gotten any answers, this game just keeps getting more and more interesting. Crazy, right?!

I still can't get my head around the frustratingly common quote, "Take the Good with the Bad." Obviously life and people are not perfect and not everything always goes the way you hope, but how much good should outweigh the bad? A friend -- oh let's just be real here, Mr. C himself, once said "the bad could actually be good, too." Looks like the C also stands for Conundrum, Calculating and Caustic.

We live separate lives, yet somehow we are always together. On the same wave length, but literal and figurative oceans have been separating us. Summer has been one of travel and exploration. "Sometimes we travel to find ourselves, other times we travel to lose ourselves. I like to travel for both. It's not always about going to see new places, it is sometimes about seeing with new eyes, don't you think?" Words of wisdom by Mr. C himself. With eons of time apart and not a lot of interaction, I am just going about my life, settling into my new apartment and sort of just waiting to see what happens next with this.

His attention towards me goes in stages and happens when I least expect it ... but when it happens, it is sweet, yet mysterious and honest, but somehow feels staged? The bad with the good ... I am constantly caught off guard by him and am no longer reading too much into everything else as I find myself on the roller coaster ride we call life and right now it is going upn ... I think.

I am accepting him for what he is or what he wants me to think he is. But time is just passing by and this too will get old and I will need to find someone or something else (preferably with some nearer proximity) to keep my mind busy, as this roller coaster is moving a bit slow for me. (You hear that, Mr. C? TOOOO SLOOWWWW)