12/01/2013 09:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Britney's 5 Freakiest Lyrics on Britney Jean

Britney's comeback is complete! Britney Jean definitely has no shortage of eye-popping moments, but our resident Pop goddess, Tatyahna has highlighted the 5 freakiest ones:

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5. "She like the way I eat her, beat her, beat her / Treat her like an animal somebody call PETA" - Tik Tik Boom

Britney is already claiming her freakdom with lines about how she wants to get up on it but T.I. takes it to a whole new freaky level with this line. He definitely breaks down any inhibitions and even brings PETA into it -- dang. This isn't even just a little bit misogynistic, it totally is -- but Brit Brit has claimed some sadomasochism already via "Work Bitch". What's great about this line is T.I. is taking one for the team and totally throwing shade at PETA, who is known to do the same to Britney time and time again.

4. "I wanna dance til my body ache a little bit longer / turn you on til you radiate, a little bit stronger" - Body Ache

Britney Spears is a grown ass woman, her precocious pigtail days are behind her. She KNOWS she can turn you on just by doing her, and she definitely uses that to her advantage. Britney's been known for her dance moves and you have been lingering them for like, 15 years. Her body rolls can get any guy's light bulb lit -- whether it's 1998 or 2013 -- she gets what she wants when she wants it because it's Britney, bitch.

3. "I drank some red wine, and now I'm walking on the sky" - Chillin' With You

Now this isn't freaky in the biblical sense, but Britney can have a good time and down some wine with whoever she wants. She is going to get wine-drunk with her sister Jamie Lynn, that nobody has heard from since Zoey 101 and is apparently releasing an album of her own. There's nothing hotter than someone who cares about their family, and if there's any kind of weird sister fantasy you have, this song totally allows you to have it because Jamie Lynn is over drinking age now.

2. "I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you're loving up" - Work Bitch

Your girl Britney takes every chance to remind you who's boss -- and that you are so into it even if you try to pretend that you aren't. All of "Work Bitch" is as freaky as it gets, you've heard it and you've seen the video -- but this line sums it all up. She is slamming you down while inspiring you to get on her level. She worked hard to get her bad bitch title that everyone knows and loves, so if you want to even get close -- you better work, bitch.

1. "Well yet still unsure if I knew where I belong / oh that was then, like an alien" - Alien

You can't get freaky without some vulnerability, and this album has plenty of that to realize Britney is finally no longer that post-rehab robot she was for the longest time. She's the real deal and this song explains so much. Even Britney Spears goes through times where she feels misplaced or misguided, but she can bounce back and be like, "well that was then" because now she exudes so much confidence in herself that she not only can show the world she's a freak in the sheets -- but also that she's a lady in the streets, with some vulnerabilities.

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