07/11/2013 06:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Passing Through: Boston, MA

Bee and I decided to spend the Fourth of July in Boston this year. Although I've been once before, I didn't know much about Boston other than my dislike for the Red Sox (growing up as a Yankees fan). At the end of our 24 hour trip, we left with a newfound appreciation for a great American city.

We took a great deal of photos and were able to pack adequate adventure into our brief stay.

On my previous visit, I had to deal with blistering cold and a few inches of snow. This time around, the temperature rose into the mid 90s. After a few cold drinks we decided to post up at nearby lake. It was certainly ideal to be able to take a 5-10 minute drive from the coffee shop where we were out to the park.

I'm not shy about my interest in all things industrial and historic. I recently produced a visual essay discussing America's shift from an industrial powerhouse to suburban society (see it here). As I drove through the areas around Dudley Square, I was amazed seeing lines where the two worlds met.

As always, we also had to make time for trespassing. There was no shortage of construction and industrial abandonment in some areas.

On our way out, we strolled through the South End and Back Bay area. We were able to experience the city feel without any of the overwhelming elements. We won't be leaving the city we love any time soon (more like never), but Boston is definitely somewhere we plan to visit a bit more frequently.

Special thanks to Hannah Cohen, our awesome Boston host/guide.