11/07/2012 07:48 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Election 2012: Swing-State Swingin' to the Left

Yet another Election Day rager, party on!

What's that, it's 11:12 EST and it's been called?

No reason for our elderly Electoral College to stay up late, the math is done. President #45 will have to wait until 2016. The taps are flowing in Chicago. Blue party cup gets a refill! Thank Ohio for topping it off.

For now, democracy smiles on President Barack Hussein Obama as the American people let him keep the keys to the White House for the full two terms.

Tens of millions of American voters have spoken decisively and put the college to bed early. If you haven't yet, it's time to drink up, regardless of the color of your cup. Champagne or beer, water or wine, tea or coffee, three cheers for democracy! Even Superstorm Sandy couldn't stop you from casting your vote.

To the will of the American voter in 2012, drink up!

To early voters who stood in lines for hours, day after day to vote early, drink up!

To those still dealing with tragedy, emailing it in New Jersey, drink up!

We've set our great Republic in motion by exercising our right to vote.

To Mitt Romney, drink up!

That's called concession with class, asking the nation to stand behind our President, to come together and move forward. The election is over. Our economy, our livelihood and the business of our nation require teamwork.

We're swing-statin' to the left, so hang on for the ride.

To Barack Obama, drink up!

As he would have us drink to each other's health as one nation that rises and sinks together. His unifying speech reminds us of our highest ideals -- Love, Charity, Duty, Patriotism, to guide us as we address the issues at hand.

To balance our national budget.
To reform the tax code.
To cut our dependence on foreign oil.
To continue to innovate and advance our technology.
To grow the economy.
To put the unemployed millions to good work.
To honor and improve our educational system to meet demands of a changing world.

In order to tackle these mission-critical objectives our newly elected but divided Congress must step up to the plate and deliver. With roughly a 10 percent national approval, the onus is on their shoulders to crank up the wheels of legislation and get the gears on Capital Hill engaged. Stagnation and kicking the veritable can down the road no longer reflect the status quo.

Congress has been in gridlock for years regardless of majority. The fate of our nation is not just in the hands of leadership from the Oval Office. D.C. must begin to work across the aisles and cooperate with the will of the people as entrusted to the newly elected.

As passionate as we are about the issues that matter to us, there is a time for voting and a time for working solutions. The polls are closed. Our votes are tallied. Let's honor our choices.

Change is inevitable. We see it every election. These states passed some interesting initiatives that are sure to raise eyebrows:

  • Same-sex marriage passes in Maryland and Maine.
  • Medical marijuana is approved in Massachusetts, not Arkansas.
  • Colorado and Washington can now toke freely.
  • Michigan reclaims its mayoral rights.
  • The death penalty is still in effect in California.
  • Votes are still being tallied on numerous other measures.
So it's the day after, and there's a mountain of work ahead of us all. The nation's eyes will now turn to the culture in D.C., as both Romney and Obama have called for cooperation. We have bigger decisions to make on how to retool our finances and get our House in order. Voters have spoken decisively to elect their preferred representation. It's time for Congress to follow suit in the greater interest of the nation.

This election was an expensive party America. Was it good for you?

The voting results are in. The long-term results are yet to be measured.


Mr. President, I must agree we need to fix all this silly extended line-standing business, and innovate our democracy. I have a plan for that I'd like to discuss.