01/16/2007 10:46 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Golden Globes - Why Wasn't MLK Mentioned?

I was at the Golden Globes last night and after an evening of celebrity
gawking and the E!/EMA's eco-fabulous after-party festivities, I
noticed something even more chilling than the temperatures hovering above
freezing: nary an award recipient - all 26 - of them mentioned the fact
that it was Martin Luther King Day.

No, not one of the nominees who took home a shiny gold
statue took note, (unless I missed something while waiting in the line for
the ladies room) including the impressive list of African-Americans in
the winner's circle. Moving speeches flowed from the podium- from
Eddie Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, Forest Whitaker and the winner for Best
Actress with the voice of an angel, Jennifer Hudson. But nobody mentioned
the good Dr. King -- even when an acceptance speech seemed the
perfect (albeit clichéd) time for an "I have a dream" reference.

I did not expect an awards-style tribute in honor of the man nor the
holiday. Frankly, after Warren Beatty's Cecil B. DeMille award there
would never have been time. But I was truly shocked that a sense of
history did not even find it's way onto the teleprompter at any point in
the evening.

As MLK said, "In the End, we will remember not the words of our
enemies, but the silence of our friends." After last night, we will
unfortunately remember the silence of our actors.