How to Get 'It' When You Don't Feel Like 'It'

10/04/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

The basis for my work is a concept called "Do IT well and make IT fun." And when I refer to the IT, I'm not referring to information technology, but rather that IT in our life that is the basis of all that.

It's the essence of the phrase, "You've got IT."

Or the answer to the deeper question in, "What is IT?"

IT's the flow of our life and work, the what and the how.

You know IT when you feel IT. And you recognize IT when you see IT.

But sometimes, we simply don't get IT.

Nike says to just do IT anyway. But it's hard to just do IT when you're not feeling IT.

Isn't IT?

So, how do we stay focused on doing IT well and making IT fun when we're just not feeling up to IT?

Here are a few suggestions to get back into the groove of feeling IT.

IT thrives on replenishment. Life and work can be tough and to stay on top of IT, we need to restore our minds, bodies, and spirit.

IT lives in posITive people. Optimism is contagious and we can draw on the positivity of someone else when we're not feeling IT ourselves.

IT can get twisted around in negaTIve people. Just as optimism is contagious, negativism can infect us and zap us of what little of IT we have left. Avoid the downers when possible.

See IT in those moments of joy and beauty. Natural scenery. People doing nice things. People saying nice things. IT's all around us. When we can see the joy and beauty, we feel more like IT.

Relationships sustain IT. We humans need relationship with others and those important relationships in our lives are exactly what sustain us when we're not feeling up to IT.

Helping others is one of the ways we keep IT alive. By focusing away from ourselves, we provide the fertilizer that makes IT grow in our own life and work.

IT can get lost in too much stuff. When we focus on one day, one hour, or one minute at a time, we don't let the noise of everything else in our life and work crowd IT out.

IT thrives on the important tasks each day. If your to-do list is full of too many insignificant items, you'll never get IT all done. PriorITize.

WIT is full of IT. Fun and laughter help us keep things in perspective even when we don't feel like IT.

So, when you're not feeling up to just doing IT, consider these tips to get back into the swing of IT.

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