Holiday Traditions: Snoopy Blues Part Two

Since I moved to New York City, every Sunday afternoon, I call home to check in with family. They are usually in the car from church and my mom passes the cell around to Auntie's babies so that I can talk to them. One Sunday a couple years ago, I called to check on a sick nephew and a niece that attended a high school winter dance. As I asked my mom about my babies, my sinister older sister chimed in the background, "I read your blog and you need to get over yourself telling the whole world." Oh no she didn't! Just as I was trying to heal and forgive her, she went there. My mom is utterly confused because she does not surf the internet or do "The Google." I send her hard copies of my posts.

My mom asked what was going on. I told her, "It's Snoopy. She knows what she did." At that moment, my sister and I reverted to 7 and 8 year olds through a cell phone with my mom refereeing. I repeated, "She did it to Snoopy on purpose!" My mom asked my sister, "Did you throw away her Snoopy?" My older sister replied, "It was an accident. We were moving and anyway I bought it for her and it was years ago." Lies and she has incriminated herself. She did not buy it for me. My younger sister special ordered it for me through a catalog. My mom asked my sister, "Why would you throw it away? You knew how much she wanted that and it was a collector's item. Who throws away a collector's item?" My niece and namesake is heard in the background, "Mom, you threw away Auntie's Snoopy? It was the best snow cone maker. Everybody knows how much Auntie loves Snoopy." Still, my sister's heart was as hardened as Scrooge. She was not apologetic and blasphemous in her contention that she bought me my beloved Snoopy Snow Cone Maker. Then my sister went for the kill, "She's crazy for proclaiming it to the world in her blog. She should get over herself." My mom, the referee, "That wasn't right to throw it away."

Mom said that she would call me later. I told mom to tell my Spongebob niece to pray for her mother's Scrooge heart. I was trying to heal, but she re-opened my wound. Tell her mom that there will be no mention of Snoopy during my holiday visit. It was not right and she knew it caused me pain. My 14 year old niece sounded irritated at being in the middle of her aunt and mother squabbling like toddlers. I told her that it was no different than when her sisters take her stuff without asking. Just please, when I come home for Christmas, do not let her mom mention Snoopy. My niece spoke like a therapist trying to calm an excited patient, "Auntie it will be okay."

I will celebrate with my nieces and nephews (cookie baking, sledding, Auntie Ronda's Snack Mix), but if my sister crosses the forbidden zone - I am not going to share my cookies with her or the Auntie Ronda's Snack Mix and she loves that! So for her stomach's sake, she had better keep Snoopy off her lips!!!!!!!!!