10/23/2012 08:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Strong America" Needs Less Foreign Savior and More Infrastructure Maven

The final presidential debate was focused around foreign policy. This is a pivotal issue with crisis and unrest in Syria, Libya, Egypt and an ongoing war in Afghanistan. We have countless resources abroad to "protect the American way" but it begs for the question to be asked, "Why isn't this an issue that China or any other country plays a part in?"

Other countries have chosen to worry about their home soil and have an isolationist focus so their economies can grow. America has long played "Captain Planet" trying to save other countries from themselves and having that same arrogant mantra that President Barack Obama uttered, "The world needs a strong America." I am not saying he is wrong; he is in fact correct because when America thrives, the world thrives, but to vocalize those beliefs is a part of the reason why we are hated and berated in so many countries abroad. We constantly spend money to "save" and "help" other countries when it is usually unwelcome when we have deep poverty in our own states. Many political conspiracy theorists believe we only help countries that have an economic gain or benefit for American investors. It is hard to argue with this thinking when we occupy Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade but hightail it out of Haiti when the news cameras leave.

If we want to do as President Obama says and build a "Strong America" again, we need to take foreign spent dollars and invest them at home. There are several overlooked industries here at home that can use a boost. Not in a bailout fashion but in a way to create jobs through public spending that can cause an economic chain reaction in a positive direction. Chicago 's Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a plan for investing in infrastructure. Some may feel this is a bandage on a bad economy but in my opinion it can lead to real economic change. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has created the plan to invest in an Infrastructure Trust. Public and private parties can invest into this trust. Our current infrastructure system is over half a century old is in dire need of repair. Our roads are a mess; bridges crumbling and buildings are a health hazard. America ranks 24th in the world in infrastructure quality while we rely on our roads more than any other country. When America was first in this category our economy bustled and our standard of living was much higher.

The potholes and state of our roads have had a ripple effect in several other areas. It wears on cars and trucks, lessening their usage, which in turns costs consumers more, to repair and upkeep, their vehicles. It is a terror for public transportation ruining efficiency and causing higher costs for patrons because of vehicles being destroyed. Our current road system has created more and more traffic issues, which is killing the MPG of whatever new hybrid vehicle you may have bought yourself. We have the same exact road system as we had when the U.S. population was at 150 million people. We have a staggering 315 million people packed on these same roadways. There is a definite need for change, so why aren't we investing?

We have an opportunity to create thousands of jobs over the next 20 years it will take to repair our roads and infrastructure. The dollars made from this infrastructure restoration and change can lead to more growth for investor and give this economy a much-needed shot in the arm. Any type new thrust of dollars into this economy will create a chain reaction.

More workers on the job will mean more money being spent by families, which ultimately means more demand. When demand grows there will be more manufacturing jobs available to meet this demand. More manufacturing jobs will spur the service and management industries and create jobs in those sectors. Everyone can benefit from an investment in infrastructure and not only will it help the economy it will increase the standard of living. Less traffic means happier workforce, which will hopefully lead to a positive growth in production. I believe in economic ripple effects and this one is long over due. So Mr. President if you want a "Strong America," let Americans have stronger roads to stand on.