06/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jesses & Tigers & Tiki ?!? Oh My!

Only four months into this New Year, and it seems as though we have all found

ourselves reluctantly thrust into the audience, of what seems like a concert that could be

appropriately titled the Cheater-palooza Tour 2010! The show opened with several

politicians (from governors to presidential candidates ranging from prostitutes to

pregnancies), followed by the Tiger Woods act, that had so many (almost) daily updates,

some television programs have actually named their segments "Tiger Watch." Next up, was the

seemingly supportive husband blind siding America's nicest movie star, and now

purportedly an encore performance by former NFL superhero and Today show

correspondent Tiki Barber? Tiki with the (pregnant with twins) wife of 11 years, the

children's book series, and the personification of family, class, and charm? I find myself

wondering, like most people: What is going on this year, and is it contagious?

It seems as though the nicer the image was, the worse the allegations are. The

back lash of these philanderers have caused women everywhere to start scrutinizing their

own partners, causing a nationwide glare from the magnifying glass their men suddenly

find themselves under. Thanks to the publicity these infidelities have garnered, there

seems to be a palpable tension in relationship concerns everywhere. I recently saw

comedian Brad Wollack muse that he wonders what Jesse James could have possibly said,

as he and Sandra Bullock watched the Tiger story break on television together. Was he

echoing the same "Can you believe this guy?" which has become the required declaration

for any partner trying to stabilize their own monogamy boat, (whether innocent or not)

while all these famous indiscretions have been making tsunami like waves. That

statement could be your life jacket. Wash. Rinse. Repeat!

But is flagrant cheating something that has quietly been happening all along?

Or, are all these people recently just getting caught, due to the back lash of our hyper

media frenzied world? The world of sexting, and tweeting, and general regurgitation on a

much more public level than ever before in our history. The "sudden' increase in Sexual

Addiction diagnoses, and certainly in Sex Rehab attendance. I'm no Dr. Drew Pinsky,

but if there was a "I just got caught wing and had to come here to save face..." at these

Rehabilitation centers, I'm guessing all those beds would all be full.

The brass ring used to be, achieving a role model status, for actual accolades

involving talent. Now it seems that media prizes are dolled out for the more salacious and

badly behaved. But only if the "bad behavior Barbie"grants a really public interview

accompanied by shocking details. For example, Elliot Spitzers former call girl, is now a

Television correspondent dolling out relationship advice. Rachel Uchitel, allegedly of the

Tiger Woods scandal can be seen along side Mario Lopez reporting entertainment news

on Extra! Not to be outdone, are the slew of Tiger mistresses prominently featured in

several pages, of a beautifully shot pictorial and interviews in this month's Vanity Fair.

Riele Hunter, of the John Edwards affair, is about to be granted a house call interview by

Oprah Winfrey to tell "her side of the story."

Her side of the story? They were married people...end of most stories.

All of this recent lunacy begs the questions; Is there any chance this Cheater-

palooza Tour 2010 will soon hold it's final curtain call or is it just getting started?

Who will be headlining next and what acts will be sold out? And finally, how did we all

manage to get back stage passes?