03/11/2014 04:25 pm ET Updated May 11, 2014

Are YOU Creating a Cherished Life?

When asked, "What are your most cherished moments?" Do you have a hard time recalling, have a short list, or do you have a long list that goes on for days? Most of us can probably come up with at least a few... birth of child, wedding, or graduation of some sort.

When we take our daily life for granted and are not present in our everyday experiences, we give up the opportunity to create moments that we can cherish. Self-awareness, flexibility and spontaneity offer the freedom to honor your day and be open to all that comes your way.

When we go through life in a rushed state trying to meet everyone's needs and wants, we lose track of our own, making it difficult to create special moments for ourselves. If you are a mom, as I am, you know you have spent years creating special moments for family, children, and spouses. There comes a time when we need to reflect on our own cherished moments, and if they are hard to recall, that is a good indicator that it is time to show up in your own life and begin creating your personal moments that you can call your own and... cherish.

When you begin to show up and are present in everything you do, your daily cherished moment's list will be endless. Cherished moments can be as simple as drinking a Chai Latte in bed while reading the newspaper to spending time with your favorite people. The point is, every day can and will bring us cherished moments... we just need to be present, aware, and be open to absorb and receive.

I just spent a few days with my daughter in New York, and I can recall so many cherished moments because I was present and gave "us" my love and attention and had such gratitude for being able to spend those days with her. The sharing of food at unique restaurants, and conversation of what we were eating, discussing the flavors, the collaboration of choosing the food and the entire experience of dining together, the hours we spent in the museum discussing new topics and having conversations around history and the what ifs, hauling bags of home décor down the streets of New York searching for a taxi, freezing and laughing, walking together in Central Park and reflecting on the last time we were there together, choosing flowers to make a beautiful bouquet for the new apartment, decorating her new place, drinking wine together, and my most favorite cherished moment was sitting at the Nespresso coffee bar enjoying our specialty coffees, reading and sharing excerpts and ideas from Arianna's newest book, Thrive, and relaxing together after a full day of walking in the city... just her and me.

When you can smile at the memory of how you spend your day, feel love in your heart when recalling the people you spend time with or the experiences you had, and acknowledging the peace that resonates within you, and the knowing that you are living your best life... to me this is what creating and living a cherished life means.