06/25/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

What Do You Want To See In A Podcast Recap?

Exciting news: HuffPost Comedy is going to start covering podcasts. What that means, exactly, is partly up to you.

Like many fans of comedy, I have come to rely on podcasts as a valuable and enriching part of my humor diet. I first started listening to Jimmy Pardo's "Never Not Funny" around 2007, and it provided a valuable roadmap for tracing the origin and evolution of comedy podcasting. Ricky Gervais' may have been the first, but Jimmy's podcast really was the forebear of the modern landscape of DIY podcasts put out by talented comics with an excess of energy who wanted a simple new way to promote themselves.

Comedy podcasts aren't like blogs; you can't RSS a podcast to get a quick overview and move on with your day. But I'm skeptical of the true utility of podcast recaps. With all due respect to podcast recappers at sites like Splitsider and especially The A.V. Club, an overview seem to only be interesting if you've already listened to the podcast. And if you've listened to it, why listen to a recap of what's essentially a conversation, when the entertainment value lies in the meat of a discussion?

Then again, I don't really understand the concept of TV recapping, either, so maybe I'm just missing something.

But that's why I ask you, handsome HuffPost Comedy devotee: What are you missing from your podcast coverage? Do you simply want to know the highlights of your favorite shows, or do you want something more comprehensive? Who are your "guys"? (Sorry, that's a Marc Maron question.)

Also, please let me know the shows that you think deserve attention. I've included a slideshow of some of my favorite comedy podcasts below, but I'm sure I have plenty of blind spots. And I know that some mega-popular podcasts aren't included here, such as Adam Carolla's show or any of Kevin Smith's. I'm sure we'll want to touch on those, too.

Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see, or tweet me at @rossluippold.

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