03/09/2012 04:16 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Bachelor Party: The Real Ben F

Chances are you've seen the finely-coiffed Ben Flajnik lately, gracing the pages of every celebrity rag in publication. The SF-living Sonoma winemaker and star of ABC's The Bachelor picks his bride-to-be this Monday night at 8 pm (or does he?). Want the skinny (dip) on his favorite haunts in the city? Yours truly investigates.

Ruggy J: On the show, we all saw you hobnobbing at Bourbon & Branch and Tonga Room... but what's your favorite watering hole for a mellow night in SF?

Ben F: My favorite mellow bar in the city is probably The Final Final. Arnie and Linda (the owners) are really great people, and they serve free popcorn.

RJ: You're obviously into wine... where can we find some of your piquant Envolve Wines around town?

BF: Hmm... I am all over the place for wine/wine bars. I would have to say my favorite wine stop is William Cross, and one of the spots you can find our wine is at Marengo on Union.

RJ: Describe your last, greatest meal in town. Word on the street is that you fancy Tommy's Joynt, but any new kids on the block tickling your fancy?

BF: I absolutely love Marlowe, Park Tavern, Bistro Aix, NOPA, Bar Crudo, and Sociale. They aren't all new, but good staples.

RJ: It's your last day living in SF... what does your morning, noon, and night look like?

BF: I hope this never happens, but the morning would be spent running Scotch at Baker Beach, noon would include lunch while basking in the sun on the patio at Zeitgeist, then it'd be party time at night with friends at Mauna Loa.

RJ: The "future mayor of San Francisco" has to have a few hole-in-the-wall favorite eateries... mind sharing?

BF: El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill. It's a tiny, little grill located inside a liquor store on Geary. Recommended to me by a producer on The Bachelor who lived in the 'hood for years.

RJ: OK, enough small talk. Do you pick Courtney or Lindzi?

BF: You only have to wait a few more days to find out. Stay tuned!

The season finale of ABC's The Bachelor airs this Monday at 8pm. Don't miss it!