09/09/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2014

Taking Hold of Your Passions in Everyday Life

yulkapopkova via Getty Images

I love the word passion. The word itself ignites energy and drive and when you experience or witness another's passion, it can be a magical feeling.

Living in this bustling and ambition-filled city, I have been lucky enough to see the great result of passion: unique art, inspiring businesses and extraordinary dreams come true.

I believe one person's passion has the power to transform the world. However, many times it takes a lot to uncover our very own passions. We often become clouded by the hectic nature of every day life, jobs, stress or commitments to really reflect on what we are passionate about. But let's try. These three easy tools can help bring passion into our everyday life:

1. Define what passion means to you. Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. To me, that can be anything from career goals, a love of a sport, a favorite movie or person. As long as doing or experiencing those things bring up enthusiasm, deep love and excitement! But the word passion can mean or be about anything you want it to be. We don't have to make it heavy with big life changing commitments, it's a personal word that when individually embraced can bring clarity and meaning to your everyday life. So ask yourself: What is an activity or thing you look forward to most? Is it spending time with your family? Going to the gym? Painting? Writing? Walking? Biking? Is there a song you just can't stop singing? Do you feel deep emotions for someone in your life? Are you passionate about love? Understanding? Self-awareness? Can you just not wait to get home from work and cook a delicious meal? Are you a voracious reader? Do you love to play an instrument? Even watching TV after a long day can manifest passion! The common thread with passion is that it encompasses your truest wants and desires. What makes you tick? What gives you energy and wakes your spirit up? That's passion.

2. Share your passions. Once you've gotten clear about what your passions are, the next step is sharing them! Simple share a passion with someone in your life that may not know about it. If you're up for a real challenge try telling someone you may not even know well at all! Tell a friend you love them for the first time, share your stories, even a secret that you've always wanted to get out. Find your voice and know that what you have to say is important. Sharing your passions out loud will make them more real. With a daily dose of sharing passion, you can start to cure many day-to-day stresses! Accessing your passions can be hugely beneficial to your overall happiness as well as the happiness of others. Passion ripples outward. Just talking about your passions could inspire others to do the same.

3. Ask and you shall receive. Sharing your passions is important to incorporating them into your everyday life but so is listening and asking others about their own. You never know what you'll learn about yourself when you ask someone else what they care about. Sharing and conversing about the most important parts of yourself with others can also strengthen your interpersonal relationships and thereby allow you to develop passions and interests outside of your comfort zone. So ask a friend, colleague or family member what they are passionate about! Passionate energy can be contagious. You'll probably be surprised by how willing others are to not only listen to your passions but get behind them as well. Who knows, maybe discussing your passions will help you find a business partner or a new love. Maybe it will be the push you or someone else needs to make a change. Maybe it will simply feel fantastic.

Passion is a powerful thing and by embracing, sharing and asking others about it we create a domino effect that could lead to a better and more open world. Be proud of who you are, what you're passionate about and share it. I promise you won't regret it and we'd love to hear about it!