12/17/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Feb 16, 2014

40 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in 2014

1. Write a list. Words you put on the page or screen have the power to turn your ideas into actions.

2. Decide which areas of your life are the most important to reinvent.

3. Find people you want to learn from or collaborate with, and meet at least once a week.

4. Read books. Attend events and workshops. Stay focused on personal and career reinvention and don't lose focus.

5. Know when having a set schedule and when breaking free from your schedule is what's needed.

6. Take a break. Take a walk. Take a shower. Write down the ideas that came to you while you let your mind wander.

7. Begin again. Begin again. Begin again.

8. Do an online search and see how often the word "reinvention" appears. Read. Search. Repeat.

9. Start a group or join a group that is laser-focused on your chosen area of reinvention.

10. Be persistent, unwavering, and resilient.

11. Ask a lot of questions. (To the right people at the right time.)

12. Start your day earlier (or continue it later).

13. Use timers, calendars, alarms, and every device you can to add to daily productivity.

14. Know that your mind is the most world changing tool at your disposal.

15. Make a new list every day. See what stays on the list and what drops off.

16. Figure out who or what inspires you to keep reinventing.

17. Ask people about what they have reinvented about their lives.

18. Do at least one action a week to propel your reinvention forward.

19. Start a project you've been putting off for months, or years.

20. Connect to others with clarity, communication, and collaboration.

21. Realize reinvention is within your grasp every day.

22. Explore new areas of your city, personality, public library, mind.

23. Create whatever you were in the middle of creating before you got off track.

24. Reinvent how you present yourself in the world. Start with a mental make-over.

25. Know that reinvention is a process, and no amount of effort you put into it is wasted.

26. Always seek out new information, ideas, knowledge.

27. Think about what reinvention has done for the world lately, and what it can do in the coming months and years.

28. When you start your day, think about the hardest things you must accomplish first. Reinvention takes grit, struggle, and persistence.

29. When you start your day, think about what you'd most like to do. Reinvention takes floating thoughts, and long meandering walks through the city or countryside.

30. Call up people who have time to talk with you about reinvention. Then ask them one key question.

31. Step, walk, leap out of your comfort zone.

32. Whatever helps keep you inspired and moving ahead, keep doing it. Whatever has been holding you back in your career, relationships, life, stop. Now.

33. Measure weekly progress. Make up your own chart and method for progress tracking.

34. Think more about the future if you are always stuck in the past.

35. Reinvent your modes of communication in...speaking, writing, making music, making things.

36. Stay on your own path while it feels so right it's ridiculous.

37. Change direction when you are so stuck it's obvious to you and everyone around you.

38. Reinvent things that are screaming out for reinvention.

39. Reinvent the non-obvious, the unobserved, the overlooked, the hidden from view.

40. Bring your reinvented self, career, ideas, abilities, persona, voice, body, music, and whole being to the world and stand up for everything you did and what you are about to do.