06/27/2007 01:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Have A Big Problem With Pit Bulls: Including Yours

I'm more likely to blog here about fierce two-legged beasts who start and endorse wars, are polluter-friendly, or both.

But today comes a post from me about a four-legged beast known for another type of WMD- Wild, Manic Dogs, especially of the pitbull breed.

For much of this past spring, I could not step outside my condo here in Portland without being tangibly threatened by a neighbor's pit bull.

During one harrowing three-day period, the damn pitbull walked up to me in threatening, growling stance- i.e. "don't walk any further or I will bite."

I'm well-versed in the advantages of dog-as-protector but these incidents were a bit beyond that.

In these cases the dog-walker- young female perhaps late 20s or early 30s- was a couple hundred feet away. And to make matters worse, dog was *unleashed.*

Apparently, due to the distances involved, this animal seemed to believe its territory was pretty much the whole complex. I expressed my belief that this dog exhibited the temperament to hurt another resident, and quite possibly another dog as well.

Then the pitbull threatened my girlfriend. It was then that I decided to complain.

Some letters went back and forth. Then, a couple of months ago, the dog and its owners- who were renting a unit from a California-based couple- moved the hell out.

Now, just yesterday morning, I was threatened by another pit. The damn dog strategically, and aggressively, placed itself between its owner and the Noah's Bagels door I was exiting.

"He's OK, he's just not used to (being around) stores," the pit bull's owner told me.

After arriving at my car, I began to think about how much incidents such as this have diminished by reflexive, life-long love of dogs.

I've been thinking, what kind of asshole would take in a pitbull and then parade it in public? Think you're bad, ha?

But then I remember a speech by the proprietor of this online space, challenging us to find our better angels.

So I step back a bit and ask:

Am I overreacting, and exhibiting prejudice toward a whole breed for the aggressiveness of a few pit bulls and the carelessness of their owners? Or, should we allow pit bulls in our urban settings with an abundance of caution, if that?