01/31/2008 07:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Encounter With Ron Paul Fans, and Their Reality Distortion Field

Over on one of my tech blogs I have been sparring with more than a few rabid Ron Paul fans.

My latest post concerning the Libertarian-leaning contestant for the Republican presidential nomination explores just why Ron Paul's MySpace page draws so many views -- while his obviously dedicated online audience has not been able to convert the message into Republican primary votes.

I wrote that one of the obstacles seems to be that the online geeks that constitute so much of the Texas Congressman's advocacy camp aren't the type to go out to the larger world outside their den and (cough), win hearts and minds.

I've received more than 40 comments to that post. Several emails have come in to my email addy as well.

The Comments and emails make accusations all over the map.

Among the more common:

People ought to be able to manage their own lives, so if Rep. Paul doesn't believe in, say, helping solve the mortgage crisis, no problem. That's because the answer is in the private sector, not government "handouts." Hey, it's your fault you are being foreclosed on.

More or less in that vein, I received this from a disciple of St. Ron:

"Took you until the last sentence, but you revealed your true colors.

"Who's going to help [wonderful use of that word - straight from the socialist/collectivist playbook] the people whose homes are facing foreclosures? Oh, the poor babies! A-boo-hoo-hoo."

"In this country, sir, people are responsible for their own decisions, including financial decisions. If you want a government-controlled economy where no one is free to succeed or fail, there are plenty of nations like that around the world. I suggest you drag your frightened little vagina to one of them. Thanks for your time."

So in other words, if something bad happens to you, it is your fault.

Some other Paul fans commented that well, companies can do bad things to consumers, but in an unregulated free enterprise system such as Paul espouses, new competitors will sprout up and do the right thing.

As if.

I keep telling these Paul idiots that in an economy where megacorporations bury their fee-assessing, policy changing intent in microscopic fine print, only appropriately exercised government regulatory and judicial oversight can provide an adequate oversight.

But no-o-o-, this argument falls deaf on Ron Paul fans. Too many of them have not had personal or fiscal crises, and far too many of them have read that idiot Ayn Rand.

And then there's this other meme, in which Paul fans tell me their hero's single digit performance in most of the primaries is because the "corporate media" are afraid of the guy's message.

And to that I say, that if the corporate media sensed a groundswell for Ron Paul, they would go there. I mean, do you really think that, say, the same network (MSNBC) that features a marquee commentator (Keith Olbermann) who has called for Bush and Cheney to resign would shrink away from giving Ron Paul face time because they are afraid his anti-Iraq War stance would piss off the divisions of NBC owner and defense General Electric?