02/14/2007 08:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Instinct Tells Me Larry's The Dad

For those of you instantly driven to rave on on why I'm not blogging about anything important here- I have to tell you I do most of my HuffPo blogging about Iraq, the Presidential race, Global warming, etc.

That being established, please cut me some slack here.

I've been watching some of the Anna Nicole Smith's coverage, and guessing who the father of her five-month-old baby girl might be.

I have no inside info, except for a life filled with experiences in which I have read- and continue to read- people's faces and countenances.

There's something in the face and the demeanor of Larry Birkhead that tells me he's most likely the father of Ms. Smith's baby.

How do I know? The purity, the honesty of looks. There's something about Larry's words, his behavior, that exudes a quiet dignity informed by the sense he is on a rightful and just mission.

I'm not saying any of the other characters in this soap opera didn't love Anna Nicole- or might not even been the father. I've known women like her- bed-hoppers in search of romantic intimacy who, when that intimacy was near, couldn't handle it and sought out other men to provide her entertainment for the moment.

But I am betting that Larry went into this relationship with a good and clean heart.

He's the Dad. That's what my intuition tells me.