10/29/2006 02:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Never Mind Halloween-If We Don't Get The Senate Back, The Real Monsters Will Be Here

Halloween is Tuesday.

I don't begrudge anyone the right to play and party.

But as you don your costumes, your scary masks, and contemplate the symbolism of Halloween, please consider that without a change in the balance of power in Washington starting from the November 7 elections and continued in 2008, we could bring the symbols of Halloween upon us for real.

Symbols such as:

Death-More wars for oil. More caskets landing at Dover.

Ghosts- The voice, a number of years from now, of your passed on loved one, haunting you as to why you didn't vote for adequately funded, government-sponsored stem cell research that might come a bit closer to reality in a Democrat-controlled Senate. Research that might have prolonged her life.

Witchcraft- masquerading as religious legends if a Republican-controlled Senate appoints the next Supreme Court Justice- who tips the balance 5-4 in allowing school prayer and religious instruction.

Red blood- from some women who had to seek back-alley abortions because the new 5-4 "pro-life" Supreme Court allowed some states to forbid the practice. And did I say more wars?

Skeletons- Of the dead following an attack on Iran by a Bush Administration enabled by a continued Congressional majority after the elections a week from Tuesday.

Autumn- To be expected in December, due to global warming hastened by the U.S.' continued refusal to sign the Kyoto protocols.

Fire- Fueled by simmering summer heat, itself intensified by global warming. Coddling of nations that allow burning of forests so that its free-trade oligarchy can be even richer.

The Supernatural and Mysticism- The enshrining of religious teachings in the public square, fully enabled by the new Supreme Court majority.

Scary masks- Oxygen masks for the elderly to wear during the oppressive heat waves that are to come if we don't get a handle on global warming.

Monsters- Police with search warrants to pour through a doctor's patient treatment records in search of abortion procedures outlawed post-Roe in some states. That knock in the night from the Department of Homeland Security about that "terrorist sympathizer" post on your MySpace page.

Dungeons- The surroundings of an innocent man as he serves time in a CIA prison for knowing someone who knew someone who is now fighting for the Taliban.

Evil- All of the above.