05/25/2007 09:02 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

No, YOU'RE A Threat To OUR Children, George

In yesterday's news conference, President Bush answered a question about Al-Queda from NBC White House correspondent David Gregory with the zinger: "they are a threat to your children, David."

Odd line coming from a President who is a threat to our children by:

Sending our best off to fight wars that have little if anything to do with terrorism- with resulting fatalities that take Dads away from OUR children. Sometimes for, forever.

Endorsing "No Child Left Behind," an education policy that favors tests, short-changing Life Skills our children will need;

Blocking Federal funding of stem cell research that could contribute cures for our sick children;

Coddling big pharma by not countenancing cheaper imported drugs into our nation: drugs that could help care for sick children as well as their parents.

Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign wars that our children will have to pay via taxes when the money comes due;

Backing legislation and policies that would deny some children the opportunity to live in a loving home- where it just so happens the parents are of the same sex;

Coddling corporate outsourcers who ship jobs overseas- taking food away from American workers who are the parents of our children.

Readers, I could name so many more examples. I'm betting you can as well.