07/26/2006 04:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sean Hannity Fans = Fear-Driven Morons


In fright-wing radio talk show host Sean Hannity's alternate universe, those 500 inert chemical weapons casings that were "found" in Iraq earlier this month represent the tip of the iceberg. Just give our brave American men and women some more time, and they will find the rest.

And it is good that our brave American women and men are over there, because well, the lying liberal media might tell you that these weapons are rotting and would cause no more harm to your skin than a really bad rash.

But that is yet another case of the American liberal media hating this war, folks. Hating this war because liberals hate war, and are spineless against the obvious threat that Iraq WMDs would pose should they fall into the hands of terrorists. A threat that this Administration has been warning us about ever since 9/11, and a threat that is as real as these terrible chemical weapons, and terrorists who would love to fire them on our cities and towns just like the terrorists in Hezbollah are doing now with their rockets aimed at Israeli citizens and towns.

And these same terrorists- who have not struck us again only because they are waiting for the right moment- would love to take some of these chemical weapons, and explode them in one of our ports, or even at a baseball game.

Or maybe not just with chemical weapons. Maybe with smallpox. Or a dirty bomb. Or a real nuclear bomb.

Yet thanks to God and our brave President George W. Bush, we are fighting the terrorists over there rather than here, this very day, this very hot summer.

And about this hot summer, well the hysterical "scientists" will tell you that this hot summer is all about global warming.

But after the break we'll have an interview with a scientist who will say yes, maybe this is a hot summer, but the weather goes in cycles and it has nothing to do with any global warming.

A scientist will tell you this, people. A real scientist, unlike that socialist in environmentalist's clothing, Al Gore.

We have to ask ourselves, what is the motive behind this global warming crowd? Is it to make our economy suffer? Is it to get us out of our cars and into buses and subways where we can be mugged? Is it because they hate capitalism, and modern society, and want us to live off the land just like those hippies talked about in the 1960s?

Environmentalists. Gotta love 'em, folks. They care more about a few igloos at the North Pole than they do about the fact that your family is getting larger, and a couple of crazy leftist professors at your local college are using some "endangered" insect you can't see without a microscope to block a subdivision from being built with a nice home for your loving and growing family.

Yes, "family." Liberals and environmentalists hate that word. Unless of course, your family is multiracial, has at least one member who is gay (but who you still love because you know they were born that way), and has never experienced an abortion. Or, if they have, have asked for and received God's forgiveness and will never murder another child.

And after our break, the truth about global warming from a scientist who has the courage to stand up to his so-called "peers" and tell the world the truth.

But first, time for one call.

Betty from Topeka, thanks for calling. What's on your mind?

"Sean, there's one thing I don't understand. Why does the media hate America when we are the best country in the world?"