10/17/2012 03:21 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

Economic Inequality Must Be Part of the Debate!

The future of our democracy is at stake. For four decades, the divide between the rich and the poor has been widening -- that didn't just start with this administration. We have allowed our government to be bought and sold by a few lobbyists and the billionaires and millionaires who line their pockets with oil, prison, war, gun and insurance money. In those forty years, there has not been anyone that has represented these hijackers of our democracy better than "Money" Mitt Romney. He is THEIR guy! That is precisely why the Super PACs spend most of their money on his campaign (4 to 1), because they know that he is for sale, like a NASCAR driver.

Simply put, Mitt Romney works for the corporations, while Barack Obama works for the people.

Eighty-five percent of Americans believe that corporations have too much control of our government. They've taken a choke hold on our politicians and created a deeply flawed democracy, where money from lobbyists can completely disempower an entire group of people. This is what has happened to the poor and working class in this country. Every single policy that has disempowered the poor has been the result of some lobbyist backed by some rich guy who exploited the poor for a hefty return on their "investment." For a small investment on behalf of these rich men, lobbyists have persuaded lawmakers to create policies that create the enormous economic inequality that we see in this country. How do you think they fill up the prisons? Fight two wars at once? Invade countries that have oil, but gas prices still go up? Deregulate Wall Street bankers? They pay them! THIS is what created the economic inequality over the past forty years.

What is at the root of economic inequality? Mitt Romney has "new and improved" ways to exploit the working class. He will privatize everything and sell off our country to his buddies in the boardroom. Bush tried it and we stopped him. Now "Money" Mitt is trying to finish where George W. Bush left off.

So, Mr. President, this must be your legacy issue. This must be how we remember your eight years in office. You are the people's president. You don't break down the American people into percentages of the "haves" and the "have-nots." You have always represented 100 percent, whether they voted for you or not. You have always stood up for all of us. That is why you took the right step in your agenda by supporting the use of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen's United, the Supreme Court ruling that allowed for corporations to be considered people, thus funneling billions of dollars into campaigns. One of the worst rulings in the history of our nation. We must overturn that ruling in your second term.

We are counting on you to restore our democracy back to the voters. We are counting on you to continue standing up to lobbyists and corporations and tell them that our democracy is NOT for sale, as you have done during your first term. We are counting on you to frame this properly, so all the people fully understand the stark difference between you and "Money" Mitt. We are counting on you to explain to the American people that "Money" Mitt Romney will say anything, do anything and certainly accept anyone's check to get into the White House. We are counting on you to always represent the people!