12/11/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2014

Ted Cruz Was Right, for Once

Ted Cruz deserves some credit. It has been easy to criticize his actions of late and his allies in the Tea Party have certainly contributed greatly to the gridlock in Washington, but this time he deserves some credit. As the only United States senator to attend yesterday's memorial service for Nelson Mandela, he did the right thing. Showing respect to one of the great men this world has ever witnessed, Senator Cruz understands the importance of history. The importance of the work of Madiba that he knows goes far beyond Mandela's political affiliation or those who he worked with to gain freedom for his people. And he knows that the United States turned her back on those fighting for liberation under an oppressive Apartheid regime, and that left a permanent stain on the red stripes of our flag.

Nelson Mandela is a hero to the world for not only freeing a nation, but reconciling with those that tyrannized his people without resorting to violence. That is how we will remember President Mandela and that is why Senator Cruz did not listen to those within his base of supporters who tried to label Mandela a villain, because he knows the truth about this great man. He is too young to have made the mistakes his colleagues made 30 years ago... this time he does not want to join them on the wrong side of history. So, thank you, Senator Cruz, for attending the memorial of Nelson Mandela, you made our country proud. Long live Mandela. Long live.