04/05/2012 03:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

PETA Bringing 3D Meat Industry Experience to Campuses

Starting this fall, peta2 -- the student division of PETA -- will be launching peta2's Glass Walls Exhibit: 3D, the world's first traveling 3D factory-farming experience. The experience consists of an enormous 20-foot-by-30-foot inflatable tent, inside of which students can watch a 3D version of PETA's powerful "Glass Walls" exposé and experience some of what animals in the meat industry endure by sitting in life-size gestation crates.

Upon exiting the experience, students will walk away with free literature, animal rights stickers, and vegan food samples to help start them on a more compassionate track. The exhibit will visit dozens of major universities across North America.

This project is still under construction, but here is a very early sketch:


Pig: Brent Moore | cc by 2.0
Roof: Jeff Weese | cc by 2.0
Siding and doors: Britt Reints | cc by 2.0

While the exhibit's launch is still a few months out, college students are already weighing in on how they expect to respond. Talia Brahms, an entrepreneurship and marketing major at Florida State University, told the ThisDishIsVeg blog that if the experience came to her campus, she would check it out and "perhaps expand my perspective on the issue" by being able to see firsthand what an inhumane process meat production is.