10/13/2010 12:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges

peta2 -- the student wing of PETA -- has released its annual list of the Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges. In determining the nominees, judges take into consideration both the quality and the quantity of cruelty-free dining options available on campus and analyze feedback from students all across North America, who report their experiences eating healthy and humane cuisine in the dining halls.

Veganism is more mainstream than ever on college campuses, as students are increasingly aware of the vast inefficiency and inherent cruelty involved in raising animals for food. Award-winning author Jonathan Safran Foer recently reported that 18 percent of college students now identify as vegetarian.

Vegetarian barbecue riblets, vegan Southwest steak wraps, and dairy-free chocolate coconut-cream pie are just a handful of the hundreds of delicious, animal-free menu options now commonplace in dining halls across the nation.

Check out some of this year's standout competitors below, and help peta2 choose the big winner for 2010 by voting for your favorite!

The Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges