04/09/2008 12:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Vanity Campaign

It's very hard to take Hillary Clinton seriously these days. Yesterday, I received three e-mails begging for donations to her broke and seriously mismanaged campaign. I feel sorry for her donors (not the defense contractors or pharmaceutical executives, but the real people) having to continue to throw good money in after bad. In the market, we call that "averaging down."

Her e-mails have a pathetic tone, whining and complaining over being "outspent" in Pennsylvania. Hillary, you're running a vanity campaign now. You need to take some of that hundred million dollars you're worth and spend it on ads. Nobody is going to donate to a campaign that can't win -- it's a terrible investment. This is your campaign now, you have to personally fund it. Ask Mitt Romney to join your campaign as a vanity adviser. I doubt he'll charge you $14 million like Mark Penn did.

From The Hill's Pundit Blog.