11/02/2010 05:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A View from Pakistan: Why American Elections Represent Third World Scenarios

A distance of thousands of miles and two worlds -- since South Asians are known as third world populations -- enables one to remove the hazy goggles and see with a bright, and clear view. Americans will have already selected the next Congress by the time this piece will appear on The Huffington Post. If one believes the projections, Republicans have great chances of sweeping the polls.

Their victory has already been accepted by the Democrats and that is a great aspect of a functioning democracy. Until this point, America represents a very modern nation as the opposition party is expected to make it big and the ruling party is not crying foul. This path to victory, however, is tainted with third world shenanigans. What Americans have not seen since the start of this campaign? They have seen allegations of the basest kinds, free trades of slurs of all kinds and proportions, and a general aversion to propriety.

These are but a symbol of third world countries where poor literacy rates, extreme corruption, and a general sense of despair runs deeper. Why is it that US politicians are falling to the same levels as those of Pakistani politicians?

While the American military-industrial complex is stronger, its influence is a pittance when compared to the all-powerful Pakistani military. While political parties in the U.S. are not angels, they are still much better than ours. Given the pervasive corruption in Pakistan and other third world countries, one can expect a rotten political system. It appears that the Republicans in the US are taking a lead from us as they are blocking every move by the Democrats, irrespective of the fact that most, if not all, had obvious merits.

Here is to hope that the Republican takeover will not cause a major dent in the first-world "ranking" of the country. The world is watching closely.