04/28/2015 06:14 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2015

How To Use Marketing Technologists in Small Business

Marketing technologists are experts in marketing and technology. In the world of small-business, these are the people that can help win you business (their primary role), make sure your IT spending is in line and probably even fix some of the devices in your office. Most people may think that marketing technologists are people reserved only for big businesses with huge budgets, but if anything, this new type of hire is exactly what small businesses need. Here are a few ways small businesses should use marketing technologists:

1. Attract Customers - Marketing technologists are 60 percent marketer and 40 percent engineer. Their main job, in the small business world, is to affordably attract new customers and keep that cost-per acquisition number down. The best way to do that is with investing in the appropriate marketing software, technology and agency partners to assist.

2. Reduce Costs - Evaluating and cutting through all the noisy 'tech talk' and marketing fluff is where the engineering background of a marketing technologist helps. They know how much agencies should be charging for services and the cost of tools available to streamline marketing and sales headaches.

3. Get Results - Marketing technologists in the small business world need support. This support should come from a creative agency partnership that can provide access to web developers, designers, videographers and other techies at their fingertips. The marketing technologist leverages the agency too create content and marketing material on demand and at a cost that's less than doing it in-house. The problem is most businesses pick their marketing partners wrong and get too little support for too much money. Then, a half-decent website is all they should need. Remember, marketing technologists are the big brother of digital marketing experts, graphic designers and social media gurus. They have the credentials, certifications and in many cases academic background to validate their capabilities. Most people call themselves 'digital marketing expert' or 'social media guru' when they aren't really sure what they are.

4. Tools after Results - Of course, marketing automation software, email marketing apps, enterprise level analytics, additional resources and social media monitoring software are all nice-to-haves, but there are lots of good free or cheap options that will do just fine to start. Huge investments in SaaS products aren't realistic investments for small business owners. Small business owners need proof that the new marketing technologist can get results without taking out a mortgage to do it. A very limited budget is all they should need.

Remember, being a good marketer is like being a good guitarist. Jimi Hendrix is still Jimi Hendrix even if he's playing on a Fisher Price guitar. Just like a beginner is still a beginner even if they use top-of-the line equipment. Tone is in the fingers. The best marketing technologists can get results with a thin budget. Then, once proven, get those shiny tools and add more people afterward.

Signs of trouble - If your marketing technologist is looking for a bigger budget within three months of being hired you've got the wrong person for the job. Maybe you're trying to make a marketing technologist out of your digital marketing or social media guru. In reality you are giving them more responsibility than they can handle. Digital marketing or social media gurus don't really have the technical background, academic degrees or business tact that a marketing technologist does. Small business owners need to be realistic. Just because a cat and a tiger are in the same family doesn't make them as equally skilled in the jungle. Be frugal everywhere else except with the marketing person you invest in. A marketing technologist is an asset. They'll dig up their own money and then some, but you have to make sure you hire the right person first.

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