01/22/2013 05:56 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

The Head of a Gun Rights Group at Lone Star College Says He's "On The Fence" When It Comes to Banning Machine Guns

When I called Steve Sanders, the president of a student gun-rights group at Lone Star College in Texas, he had no idea that a gunman (or gunmen) had shot multiple people at his school on Tuesday.

After expressing surprise, he spoke at length about his views on guns and politics. He mentioned several Obama-is-a-socialist theories have been making the rounds of the right-wing blogs, and argued that the proposed semi-automatic weapons bans amount to an attack on the right of U.S. citizens to defend themselves from hostile governments, including their own.

But he said he was "on the fence" when it comes to banning fully automatic weapons, like machine guns. "I've argued with myself on this one," he said. "If someone enters a crowded area with 250 rounds and sprays everybody, that's going to be devastating."