12/02/2008 08:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Love New York, But It Doesn't Love Me

Tickets for Britney Spears at the Nassau Veterans Coliseum in Long Island are priced at $349 for premium seats and $150 for crappy seats. $349!!! I said Britney Spears, not round trip to L.A. I mean, I don't wanna see her, but I'm sure someone does. Right? Britney? It's Britney! Spears!

(See me in a few weeks when the tour implodes and Britney is wandering barefoot, looking for a pack of Lucky's.)

A decent seat for a New York Knicks' game starts at $114, and to many New Yorkers, sitting behind the basket, is not a good seat. But forget that. Didn't Knicks' management just tell New York, "Shut up and relax. We'll start not sucking so bad in 2010. In the meantime, we're gonna suck bad and you're gonna like it." OK, maybe that's not an actual quote, but that stupid, stupid deal last week said the same thing. And still, we have to pay. Tickets should be free to see this joke of a team.

Should we really get into what we'll have to pay to see the Mets or the Yankees next year?

This holiday weekend my wife and I went to see "Slumdog Millionaire." (Fantastic!) Before hand, we stopped at Jane on West Broadway for Bloody Marys.' $27! (We had one each, not 2 each.) That's without a tip. In New Orleans, the bartenders are friendlier, the Bloody Marys are better and they cost $6.50. Well, at least we were in Soho. My, what a warm town.

What's going on? I used to defend this city. I don't think I can anymore.