06/25/2010 11:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A New Life

I am really amused by the people who are slamming CNN for hiring Eliot Spitzer to co-host a program: "Why this man has been with whores!" "He cheated on his wife!" "He was hard to work with!" "How can they dare give this guy a second chance?"

I try not to throw stones at a house I may have lived in myself. Pot smoker? I've inhaled. Lost your temper in public? Me too. Drank too much? Welcome aboard.

So when I read or hear people dumping on CNN regarding Spitzer, I say this:

You can't really knock CNN about Eliot Spitzer if you work at Fox News. Not if you work at the network where Bill O' Reilly was sued for sexual harassment. Not at the network that hired Don Imus, a broadcaster who was fired for scurrilous comments about young African American women. Not at Fox News, whose contributor Dick Morris sucked on a whore's toes for so long he got athlete's mouth.

I know people who blather about their proud conservatism who are still locked in the nineties knocking Bill Clinton for adultery. I KNOW one of the most vocal people in this charade has himself been a marriage cheat. In fact, it cost him his first marriage. I don't know what cost him his second marriage, but one day soon I will out his past if he continues to speak like some marital paragon.

Eliot Spitzer was publicly humiliated for behavior that hurt his marriage and ruined a promising political career. All of these holier-than-thous should practice what they preach and allow him a second act. If they can look the other way at the way Newt Gingrich conducted his marital history, then Spitzer certainly deserves a break.