06/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Adios a el Hispano Voto

The Latino vote should be the exclusive property of the Republican party. Religiously faithful,socially conservative, family oriented,they are a poster for the GOP. Except, well, they're not...white.

White males all over the land of conservative punditry are calling Sonia Sotomayor a racist, a practitioner of exclusivity, a champion of affirmative action.

Now keep in mind that elected officials are saying that they will be fair to Judge Sotomayor, but will examine her record closely. That seems fair. "We know she's qualified," the politicians are saying, "we just want to give her record a going over." People who do not face election don't have those same constraints of human decency or accuracy. It's like Glenn Beck said, he's not a reporter, he's a commentator. Yeah, me too. My comment is that the people trashing Judge Sotomayor are under no obligation to be fair or correct or unbigoted. Their job is to get ratings,and if they do it by lying or race-baiting, so be it. If Rush Limbaugh, a college dropout, can criticize the academic record of a woman who finished second in her class at Princeton and reach the position of Law Review Editor at Yale, it matters not, as long as the people he pretends to champion believe him.

Oh! Something else the right wing yakkers don't concern themselves with is elections. Win or lose, they keep their jobs. The same cannot be said for those who actually campaign to keep their living.

You can't get votes from a bloc who share your values while you trash their families as they attempt to escape poverty. Lou Dobbs has done more good for the Democratic Party than Howard Dean in the Latin American community. Irony is delicious when served up unintentionally.