01/20/2012 03:16 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Answer the Question, Newt!

At the GOP Presidential debate last Thursday, CNN host John King asked Newt Gingrich about his second wife's assertion that Gingrich asked for an open marriage so he could have sex with an employee (now his third wife).

Gingrich was very upset at the question, he said that it was despicable to even be near such a query ,and that it lowered the entire tenor of the evening.

You blew it, Newt.

You should have answered the question, and you should have answered it like this:

"Yes, I did that,and I am not proud of my behavior in that regard. I am not that man anymore,and I ask that forgiveness be given to me for such egregious conduct".

See, Newton Leroy, the reason you cannot get all puffy on this issue is that when Bill Clinton was having his Monica moments, you said you would bring up that adulterous foray every day on the floor of the house. You condemned that behavior as scurrilous and unworthy of a public servant.

Except that you were (if I may use a colloquialism) banging YOUR underling at that exact same time. You were breaking that commandment while pointing a finger (thankfully only a finger) at Bill Clinton for doing what you were (or who you) doing.

So what's your take on this,Newt? "How dare you accuse me of something I actually did?".

Yeah, some nerve.