11/07/2008 04:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Aww, Is Da Baby All Mad?

I couldn't figure out what to write about. I couldn't write about anything before the election because I was a wreck. I couldn't imagine waking up to McCain as POTUS, it would have been too much for me after eight years of self indulgent mediocrity in the Oval Office. There was a wealth of topics to ponder, but I decided to write about my latest indulgence. You see, I hurt my knee, and although it's healing, I can't jog, so for the time being my exercise now consists of laughing my behind off listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Lordy, he is one irate loser (although judging from his last photo,he could be two irate losers). He is furious at the Republican party. This is not HIS Republican party. McCain didn't hit hard enough, says Limbaugh, didn't go for the jugular, didn't spread enough lies, didn't demean character and scandalize his opponent enough to win. Rush doesn't get. It didn't matter what McCain did, he wasn't going to win.

Rush signed a huge contract, and luckily for Rush, he signed it just in time, because it is over for him and the rest of the negative nitwits who nip at nuance and only know the nexus of nastiness. The parade is marching right by his enormous head. The people who listen to Rush will always listen to Rush. They can't find the wherewithal to look in the mirror to blame themselves for anything,not even when Phil Gramm calls them whiners,so Rush helps them find someone to scapegoat because the country's racial demographics are getting away from them.

You don't think it's race? Did Rush get fired from ESPN because he said Donovan McNabb gets a break because he is a white quarterback? Did he say there was a racial consideration to the '06 Ohio senate race, because Sherrod Brown is white (he IS white by the way, Limbaugh saw the name and assumed an incorrect racial identity for now Senator Brown)? Did he tell a white listener to stick a bone is his nose? The answers are no, no, and uh... no.

I don't know how vile he wanted McCain to be. Maybe he could go as far as Limbaugh did when he made fun of John Edwards wife while she tries to fight off cancer. Maybe McCain should have aped Limbaugh when he made fun of Parkinsonian tremors from which Michael J. Fox suffers. Yeah, there's nothing like watching Limbaugh's man-boobs flopping like a foot pedal trashcan lid when he tries to be funny while mocking a victim of a neurological disease.

Now and forever, Limbaugh will be in the same position as Al Capone as described by Mario Puzo in The Godfather: very powerful in his own arena,a completely disrespected zero outside that sphere.

And that arena, unlike Limbaugh, will soon be shrinking.