06/30/2014 10:42 am ET Updated Aug 29, 2014

Coulter: Wrong Over and Over

Never in my experience has one writer been so wrong about so much in such a small space. Ann Coulter wrote an article in the only space she is allowed -- her blog -- on how horrible soccer is. In an unintentional way, it reveals more about her than the sport she is slamming. How so? Examples please.

1) She writes that individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer. That must be why Ronaldo, Messi, and others are so famous for their individual skills. She wrote that when a baseball player strikes out, they are standing alone at the plate. Ann, do you know what an umpire is? That's the guy standing at the plate behind the batter you say is out there all by his lonesome. Oh, and Ann you wrote that players "throw bricks". In basketball they shoot bricks, Ann, they don't throw them.

2) She writes of soccer "and almost no one scores anyway". You mean like in hockey? Of course, hockey is a sport played with almost all white players, so it probably wouldn't come under the same scrutiny from you.

3) Ann writes that soccer takes forever to play. Two hours, Annie, two hours is all it takes. Less time than basketball, football or baseball takes to complete. More terrific knowledge from Ann Coulter.

4) Your desire to see more scoring could mean you have no insight to the game of soccer. The beautiful combination of speed, coordination, and endurance is a testament to the skill set of great athletes. Oh! And kicking the ball means there are virtually no cases of brain damage, as there are in American football.

5)Finally, Annie writes that most sports are sublimated warfare. Really? Baseball is warfare? Golf? Tennis? Gee,what you don't know could fill one of those books you write that don't sell many copies anymore.

Just because you don't like soccer doesn't mean you can write about it with such spectacular inaccuracy.