12/21/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

I was Thinking...

1) If you are asking for a loan, don't fly in by private jet to firm things up.

2) Anyone who threatens President-elect Obama's life should be sent to jail and after release, wear an ankle bracelet while cleaning the toilets of an African American church.

3) Clinton should stay in the senate and Bill should lecture on the road -- a win-win.

4) The picture of every child killed by an illegal firearm should be mounted in the lobby of the N.R.A.

5) How different would the world be if RFK had become president. If Al Gore had not been cheated. If John Kerry knew how to campaign. If George Bush fell off the wagon. If Dick Cheney had an attack of conscience.

6) Every Republican windbag is asking the auto unions for a giveback, but no message to the CEOs to cut THEIR gazillion dollar income. Hmmmm.

7) Somebody should tell Rudy Giuliani that no one really wants to vote for him, they are actually voting against someone else.

8) The government should help poor kids go to school,the malnourished eat, the sick get treatment, in fact everyone who needs help, real help should be able to ask the government for it and get it. Instead of the government helping the filthy rich, the filthy rich should surrender part of their wealth to make the US a better country, and anyone who disagrees with that is a selfish pig.

9) If Rush Limbaugh had graduated from college, maybe he wouldn't hate the educated so much. Maybe if he hadn't flopped at three marriages,he wouldn't have said the things he said about cancer victim Elizabeth Edwards. Maybe.

10) If you voted for Bush and don't regret it, you should have to take an entrance exam to vote again. When stupid people get suckered by self-serving know nothings, we all suffer. Enough.

11) It is 2008, can Washingtonians stop calling their NFL team the most racist nickname in all of sports?

12) How many soldiers would be in Iraq if the Middle East had no oil whatsoever?

13) A barrel, a pound of meat, Ann Coulter and Dick Morris. Once again, a win-win.