12/17/2008 01:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

It Occurred to Me...

That there's nothing a greatly admired African American military man needs more than lessons in behavior from a man who lost a job for comments made about an African American All-Pro quarterback,comments made soley based on his race.

That we all remember Limbaugh's miltary record,right?

That the punishment for setting fire to Sarah Palin's church should be to attend Sunday services at that very house of worship.

That George Bush never inquired about the injury that his spokerperson suffered when she caught a shoe upside the head. "Take Your Face Scuffed by a Shoe Employee to Lunch Day "must be a big deal at the White House.

That Blagojevich brings such pride to the descendants of Eastern Europe,I'm sure a parade will be taking place next year,replete with marching parole officers.

That I am curious as to when being in the U.S. Senate meant a required membership in Mensa. All of a sudden Caroline Kennedy has to be a Rhodes scholar to dwell among a group of swells like Saxby Chambliss, Jim De Mint and James Imhofe.

That just because O.J. Simpson will be 70 when leaves prison doesn't mean that he can't kill again.

That not hearing or reading about Rudy Giuliani for the last three weeks makes the yuletide spirit swell.

That Guy Ritchie went from taking nothing to get out of the marriage to Madonna to ninety two million bucks to get rid of him. Love is like a seesaw,huh?

That I miss Richard Pryor,Johnny Carson, and Rodney Dangerfield. Their absence means we all laugh less at a time when we need to laugh more.